A Very Modern Addiction

A Very Modern Addiction

A Very Modern Addiction

Accessory addicts unite; this one is for you.

Before we dive into what it means to be addicted to accessories, a question for you. Are you happy and comfortable with the way you look?

The point we are trying to get at is this… almost every accessory we buy, whether it’s make-up, bags, shoes, or jewellery, is there to create an illusion of who we want to be. Not only that, but most accessories come with a “one size fits all” design – and, like it or not, those words have the power to make us feel great.

Sounds crazy, right?

But it’s true. Women in particular are obsessed with the idea of buying accessories, because they are the one item in a store where your body shape and size is irrelevant. And while shoes don’t fit under the “one size fits all” bracket, you will never have to go up a shoe size just because you ate a little too much or stopped exercising.

The simple fact is this: when we buy accessories, we are free to browse and purchase without ever worrying about being judged by the size we pick up – and that means a lot to the modern woman.

Why do we allow ourselves to feel judged by others?

Think about the last accessory you purchased, and why you bought it. Chances are it was to elevate a particular outfit or look, or to make you look and feel better. Make-up is a great example of this, existing as one of the most successful industries in the fashion and beauty world – and subsequently playing almost entirely into the hands of our own lack of self-worth and our insecurities.

Similarly, shoes, bags and pieces of jewellery are all purchases that we can indulge in without concerning ourselves with our body shape. We can splurge on whichever style takes our fancy, without worrying about whether it will make our legs look short, or our arms look chunky. Accessories are entirely guilt-free purchases, and so for many of us, the warm and happy feeling we get when we are able to choose and buy whatever we want is soon replaced by addiction – all because that happy feeling is uninterrupted by concern for size and shape, and so we crave more of it.

Ways to kick the addiction

First thing’s first, if you love buying accessories and you consider a new bag or a new pair of shoes to be your treat, then don’t let us stop you! However, we are here to remind you of the power of a capsule wardrobe, and what it means to dress for success across every activity and every goal in your life. Remember, if it doesn’t support who you are or who you want to be, then you don’t need it. And if it isn’t helping you to move forward (and high heel lovers, I’m sorry but 6 inch heels don’t help ANYONE move forward), then ask yourself if it’s really worth the splurge.

Buying accessories to make yourself feel good is a temporary bandage over a large problem which spans across all of society. Because until the world changes its view on shape and size and how much importance that holds when it comes to first impressions and judgement on others, the issue will remain – and accessory addicts will continue to reach for “one size fits all” gifts to themselves.

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A Very Modern Addiction
A Very Modern Addiction