Choosing the right length of skirt or dress

right length of skirt or dress

The right length of skirt or dress

From mini skirts to midi dresses, maxi dresses and everything in between, skirts and dresses are no longer a simple choice – and each variation comes with its own array of rules and guidelines on how to wear it and what to pair it with.

In this bonus content we will be sharing a few tips from inside the fashion and image consultancy industry, regarding how to identify the right dress or skirt length for you, and how to give yourself the boost of self-love and confidence that will have you skipping through every day.

The most universally flattering skirt length is…

Just above, or just below, knee length. Which of these two options you go for is dependent on whether you like your knees and how much of your leg it is appropriate to show off for a specific occasion.

For example, in the office or at a wedding or formal event we would advise opting for the longer variation.

However, if you are going out on a date or dressing for a summers day then the shorter option is often the best go-to.

How to wear a mini skirt

A mini skirt or mini dress is perfect for those who love their legs and see them as their spotlight feature that they want to celebrate and highlight.

If you decide to opt for a mini, keep the top half of your dress or outfit relatively conservative, with a standard neckline and a cap or short sleeve. This prevents you from showing too much flesh and ensures that your mini skirt remains respectful, appropriate, and elegant.

How to wear a midi skirt

Midi dresses are ideal for both casual and formal occasions because they are so versatile and can be dressed both up or down using accessories and footwear.

If you are drawn towards the comfort and the teasing hint at bare leg that wearing a midi skirt gives you, make sure you select one which accentuates and enhances your body shape and celebrates your figure. One of the challenges of a midi skirt is that the mid-calf hemline cuts the leg off in the wrong point, adding unwanted volume to the overall look.

A midi dress which finishes in the right place on your leg and which accentuates your natural figure is considered elegant – everything else is simply unflattering.

How to wear a maxi skirt

A maxi dress or maxi skirt can be your best friend in both the summer and winter months – and can literally be paired with everything from a tank top to a cosy knit sweater. Super easy to dress up or dress down, the main choice you have with a maxi skirt is the fit and whether you choose a design which puts the focus and detail on the skirt, or which is simple and allows for more embellishment in your top half.

How to know which is right for you

As is so often the case, this all comes down to what makes you feel most confident. It’s very easy to assume that a maxi dress is the perfect go-to for anyone because it covers the legs, however maxi skirts and dresses can often drown smaller figures or those with shorter legs, so consider your own body carefully and try on different variations of all three types of skirt until you find the one which makes you look and feel great.

And remember, a midi dress is one store will be entirely different from that in another store – so play the field and try everything on!

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right length of skirt or dress
right length of skirt or dress