Hello, I hear you are into leather

Ahh, sure, why not?! We are into many things. How can we help?

I am looking for a company to organize an event with leather everywhere, mostly male guests, quite edgy with plenty of drinks, great music and more

Absolutely, you’ve come to the right place… I presume it’s an adult only event?

Oh no, families are welcome! We are a car manufacturer, introducing fine Italian leather interior, that we’d like to showcase. A grand launch!

Right! Of course! Just out of the curiosity, why did you think we are into leather?

Well, it’s in your company’s name. Isn’t it?!

It’s actually Purple Feather Tree. But feather or leather, do not worry, we can certainly help!

They both laughed and the event was a great success, with plenty of leather, so once again, all was well in the purple world of tree and feather!

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