Covid and Your Image

Covid and your image

Covid and your image

The long term effect of Covid-19 on our image

2020 has been the year that nobody could have expected.

From cancelled sports events and global festivals, to the closure of our theatres, pubs and eateries, the future is as uncertain as they are all saying – particularly for those whose livelihood and income relies on those channels within the hospitality sector.

But one area of the pandemic which is being consistently overlooked is the effect it has on humanity as a species. Yes, mental health charities are releasing daily stats and support posts to keep us feeling positive; and yes, the government are providing financial support where they can.

But is anyone really looking at the foundational impact that isolation has on individuals from all walks of life?

We are often quick to relegate mental health challenges to those living alone, and those who are stuck in their homes during isolation – but the problem runs much deeper.

How image can help during the pandemic

Did you know that those without social connections and close friendships are far more likely to die early than those who enjoy regular social interactions? In fact, it has been stated that “social isolation is on a par with high blood pressure, obesity, lack of exercise or smoking as a risk factor for illness and early death” – as found by the New York Times.

So, with such clear trends, it begs the question – what can we do to keep our minds grounded and sane, when human interaction is at an all time low?

This is where a change in focus comes into play.

One of the most notable trends throughout the pandemic has been the disintegration of image – primarily because we aren’t going out. When we have nowhere to go, we stop dressing up – we stop focussing on how we look, and instead revel in wearing pyjamas all day. The closure of salons and hairdressers means we can no longer invest in those little accessories and aesthetic trends which make us feel good, and so we simply stop caring. It’s so easy to do.

But what if we told you that now is in fact the very best time to work on yourself AND your image, and get ready for the time when the world reopens and we can finally join together at work and in social situations?

We don’t just mean eating well and keeping healthy – although these are important. We also mean using this time to get to know yourself and start to understand your own goals and motivations. Finally, we all have a little more time. Time to devise new life plans, to get fit, to build businesses, and to learn new skills. Motivation comes from within – but success is built from the image you show to the world.

When social interaction ceases, that is when we are at our most vulnerable. As a race, we depend on others to keep us going – it is our focus on socialisation that makes us human. Without that, we’re no more than mere animals.

The world WILL go back to normal. So, why not make sure that when it does, your image aligns with everything that you want to achieve.

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Covid and your image
Covid and your image