What are Develograms? And how do they work?

  • A digital learning system developed by Purple Feather Tree
  • A unique display of content, combining interactive videos, webinars, activities, and information modules
  • Derived from ‘development’ and ‘program’

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Here at Purple Feather Tree, we are all about turning style and image questions and uncertainties into meaningful actions and decisions. Offering a series of online courses, that we call develograms, designed to be followed at your own individual pace to suit your lifestyle.

Image Foundation
i-Image Foundation - $597

This is the foundation to an image that is comfortable, beautiful and meaningful. In the first half acquire the key tools to becoming best friends with your body and colors that enhance your features. In the second half, understand your mindset, lifestyle choices and goals.

i-Style - $127

Learn about numerous types of style. How will you choose to combine them and in what social situations? Express your beautiful self.

Style by numbers -5
Style by Numbers - $47

What is numerology? Understanding your LIfe Path number and what that reveals about your style. Align your style with your purpose!

i-Self-Care Foundation - $497

Available October 2021. Is eating your favourite cake or drinking a glass of wine self-care? The answer is a resounding 'NO". In this develogram discover what self-care actually means.

i-Accessories - $197

Update your look IN SECONDS and discover a whole word of accessories! Join us to uncover how to use accessories to align yourself with your goals.

Micro Style Bundle - $223

For a limited time ONLY, we are offering a 30% discount on this bundle, which includes i-Style and i-Accessories Develograms. Learn about numerous types of style and learn how to update your look IN SECOND.

The Purple Feather Tree Develograms are the unique product of our heart and soul, and more than a few embarrassing tales and shocking style stories. Everything we have created has been made with you in mind, using experiences and knowledge born from our passion for timeless style and confidence.

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Our style and image related develograms are as much about the process as they are about the end result; with every step of the experience delivering high quality anecdotes, tips, guides and learnings which are designed to help you not only better yourself, but understand WHY image is so important.


We all have different perceptions of what is beautiful and what is not. Does this mean that beauty cannot be defined? Is beauty something which is tangible? Can we hold it in our hand or sculpt it to our will? If not, is it relative, conforming to our own personal beliefs?


In this develogram we explore hair care and the importance of it for your overall image. We'll look at the most flattering hair styles for the shape of your face and other top tips.


There is a Goddess inside each and every woman! In this develogram we look at several Goddess archetypes and help you determine, which one you are. Equipped with this knowledge you can confidently express yourself through your image and achieve anything you desire.


Our skin is such an important part of our image. Your skin is the representation of your inner world. Make it part of your self-care ritual. Look after your skin and it will look after you, with the extra bonus being a radiant and confident YOU.

i-Image Men

This is a step by step guide to have your image aligned with your goals. i-Image for men is a clear, simple and instantly actionable system. A very effective roadmap to the best version of yourself.


In this develogram we explore astrology and accessories. Each astrological sign rules different parts of our body. So, what does that mean and how can this help us accessorize?


Make-up is a great tool when used correctly. We'll examine the most common mistakes and misconceptions about make-up and provide a simple guide to help you feel beautiful and confident without losing a sense of your natural self.


This is our signature develogram, building and expanding on the concepts presented in the i-Image Foundation. Your image isn’t just what you put out to the world; it is also a direct reflection of what you feel inside. Acquire the essential skills and key tools to always be in charge of your image.


Color is such a vast topic. If you've completed any of our develograms, you are probably aware the particular emphasis is placed on color. This develogram examines color in detail: for our image, as well as the importance of color for our wellbeing, attunement and success.

i-Image Young Lady

Our signature i-Image Develogram adapted for the younger audience. We focus on psychology of image and what do the clothing choices they make say about them. With the current societal pressures and beauty ideals, it's important to provide helpful information and support to young girls.

Our main goal is turn OUR expertise into YOUR success.

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