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This Bonus section for Purpurians (our members) really is as good as the main event – offering top quality guides and advice to supplement each of the different modules and develograms you may (or may not) have already discovered as you browsed the rest of our content.

Introduction to Accessories - FREE

What do YOU need? What are accessories? Why are accessories important? Accessorizing in practice and where to start? How to choose accessories that are right for you?

Fashion and the Environment

As a global concept, fast fashion is up there as one of our most damaging – and yet still consumers continue to visit these shops and pick up baskets full of cheap and cheerful clothing, only to throw the items away after a few wears. Isn't it time we start making better choices?

The Magic of a Scarf

Scarves are probably the most versatile accessory out there. Liven up your outfit by putting on a scarf, tying it in an interesting way or wear it completely differently, in an unexpected way, to express your beautiful personality.

The Power of Color - FREE

How does it work? Good and bad reasons for wearing a color... How to create color matches to generate different emotional responses.

The Long, The Bold and The Downright Bizarre - FREE

The strange things women do to themselves in the name of 'fashion'!

If you’ve come straight here before checking out the full extent of our ‘Dress for Success’ course and various Develograms, these FREE resources and materials for members (Purpurians), have been created to enhance and work alongside the key lessons and messages shared across the modules. If you’ve already covered our Develograms, then it’s time to jump in and pick out those supplementary materials you’ve been promised!

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Through every step of your journey with us, we invite you to engage with, discuss and share our titbits and tales – in the hope that you will not only learn more about the world of style and image, but also about yourself and how these things make you feel. Check out our latest posts and FREEBIES as we piece together, bit by bit, the kind of learning that will create a lasting impact.

'Sexy' is an attitude

'Desire begins in the mind. Cleopatra, Theodocia, she could seduce a man at twenty paces, without revealing an inch of flesh.'

Seasonal Types: explored

By stripping your appearance back to its most natural colors, you can place yourself in one of the main seasonal categories – and from there can go on to break this down further by exploring how intensely your coloring fits into that category.

"... In the name of Fashion"

From catwalks to front page spreads, award ceremonies and character costumes, the things people do in the name of fashion can be outrageous, controversial, and downright bizarre.

To understand your image in its entirety, is to understand that image is in fact a complex combination of the way you look, the way you act, and the way you communicate.

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