Is what you wear getting in the way of your success?

Is what you wear getting in the way of your success?

Is what you wear getting in the way of your success?

We often talk about how what you wear and the image through which you present yourself can impact the way others see you, change the way they react to you, and even influence the mindset you have when you undertake a certain activity.

But can what you wear actually get in the way of success? And could you be holding yourself back from success through what you wear and the way you look?


Before we dive into this topic, it is crucial to understand and frame your mind towards idea that NO – success is not completely determined by how you look and what you wear. This is, on the surface, a wholly shallow concept which puts image above all other human attributes.

HOWEVER, there are instances where what you wear is an integral part of your success in what you are doing, and so can in fact determine your chance at succeeding.

For example, if you are running or going to the gym then wearing gym shoes or sneakers is of course going to heighten your chance at success. Just like wearing flip flops will hold you back from success.

If you work in the movie business or as an actor, your image will be hugely influential in the way you step into and become your character – so much so that without that image, your portrayal would not be as successful.

Uniforms take on a similar idea and frame the way you act and present yourself in the workplace or at school – with many workplaces offering different uniforms depending on your role. 

But what about your image outside of those necessary garments and transformative visual aspects to the way you look and present yourself? Is success really pinned on the way you look and the things you wear?

Or No…?

For most scenarios, the answer is no. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t use your image to take control of your success and frame and shape the way that you act and the way that others see you.

And while these are all independent factors and not directly related to success, giving yourself complete confidence and allowing others to feel comfortable around you can contribute towards a positive outcome in any endeavour.

Here are some ways that you can use your image and clothing to help shape your success:

  1. Wear colors that make you feel confident, and which express and showcase your best features.
  2. Dress for what you want to achieve. If you want to be the boss and earn a promotion, dress like you’re already there. If you want to run a marathon, wear quality sneakers and the right garments to support your body. It will help root the belief in your own mind.
  3. Make life easy for yourself by getting rid of the garments and outfits that don’t serve your current body shape, your current goals, and your current lifestyle.
  4. Be yourself on purpose, and if you do have to wear a uniform for work then find ways of injecting your own personality into that look so that you never lose sight of who you are at your core.


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Is what you wear getting in the way of your success?
Is what you wear getting in the way of your success?