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Learning Online

Learning Online

This is a question we have been asked by users since day one, with many of you asking us why we have chosen the online learning outlet as opposed to working with individuals through more direct contact.

The answer? We are committed to helping women everywhere, from all lifestyles and across all cultures – and the simple fact is that online learning gives us the scope to reach that global audience.

Not only that, but by presenting our Develograms online, users benefit from the freedom to work through each section at their own pace, scheduling in their own breaks and going back over specific areas of focus until they feel truly happy with what they are being taught.

Let’s look a little more closely at how our online leaning is structured through Purple Feather Tree.

The structure of our Develograms and supporting resources

For those of you who have already worked through at least one of our Develograms, you will have noticed how every lesson and every ideology is explored with EVERY woman in mind. Each of our Develograms dive into the reality of life (and style) for every woman, whether it be with regards to body shape, shopping habits, preferred style, budgetary restrictions, and end goals. What this means is that, through our Develograms, women have the opportunity to understand each concept not just through their own perspective, but also on a much broader scale – presenting a level of understanding which allows the user to see how their choices fit into the wider world of image and style.

Now, imagine for a moment that you’ve paid a large sum of money to work with an image consultant or personal shopper on a one-to-one basis. They will put great time and energy into helping you source the right outfits for each area and activity in your life – and the results for you will be great. But once your time with them is over, will you still have access to all the tools you need to continue to style yourself effectively WITHOUT direct help?

And that’s where the benefit of online learning comes in. Everything you receive from Purple Feather Tree is yours forever. We place a lot of emphasis on community learning and support, and we will never kick you out of the PFT community group or member’s group for a specific Develogram. Once you’re in, you’re in – and it’s that consistency of long term, global support, which makes us – and our online learning Develogram’s – stand out.

The figures

E-learning consumes around 90% less energy than traditional courses – if you’ve already read our piece on ‘Fashion and the Environment’, you will know how important this is for us.

Online learning students have more control over their learning process and are given more freedom to better understand the material in their own time, leading to a 60% faster learning curve, compared to instructor-led training.

And finally, online learning is proven to increase knowledge retention by 25% to 60% – reducing the amount of time you will have to spend reviewing and going back over content you have already covered. Add this to the broad array of resources and activities that we encourage as you move through each Develogram to aid individual understanding and real-life application, and you could become an image expert in a matter of weeks.

Getting started

To get started on your journey with Purple Feather Tree, and to make the most of our online platforms built around content, resources, and community support, head to our social pages and select your first (or next) Develogram!

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Learning Online
Learning Online