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Color Study: Purple

When we talk about colors, we often lean towards discussing the way that colors make us feel and the way they impact our emotions and core reactions. But purple is different. Unlike blue which relaxes us, and red which makes us feel all fired up and emotional, purple is a color more commonly associated with […]

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The Myth behind Santa Claus

Fear not – you won’t find any festive spoilers here. In fact, in this exposé we will be exposing the truth behind the big man’s clothing… and more specifically its color. The iconic image of Santa Claus in red is one that has long been etched into our societal traditions, Christmas cards, and festive food […]

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Brooches: function or fashion?

Like it or not, you cannot argue with the versatility of a standard brooch. Used as both a decorative accessory and a functional addition to any garment or outfit, brooches are essentially highly decorative and often intricate pins which can hold garments together and add a touch of a sparkle to even the blandest look. […]

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Why we’re ANTI anti-ageing

Why we’re ANTI anti-ageing. In a way it makes sense to assume that the world of image is built around vanity and presentation, and an inherent focus on the way we look as the most important aspect of our self-presentation. But what if we were to say that your image isn’t just what you look […]

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The Power of Image: costumes at the ballet

Power of Image Costumes are not limited to the ballet. They bring to life all manner of characters in musicals, plays, movies, television shows, reality shows, and even portraits and images. What makes ballet different however is the lack of songs and words and how, without those direct expression of characterisation, clothing and image becomes […]

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