i - image Beginner Course

If you’re starting your self-discovery journey, our beginner course is made for you. Discover your own image and create your best looks with self-confindence and inner strength.

Unique approach to image development

Do you ever find yourself looking in the mirror after spending hours looking for that perfect outfit only to hate it?

These problems are too common for women of all ages…

We live in modern times, yet women are being held to ever-increasing standards to just fit into the trend and not be themselves. So when you see the ‘perfect’ Instagram photo or just watching a movie, these standards are pushed on us constantly.

No matter how unrealistic and edited these photos may be, across the world, these pressures are forcing women to lose confidence and feel unhappy with their self-image.

Purple Feather Tree aims to change this for all women… you don’t have to feel uncomfortable being you.

Women share their stories of the struggles they face with feeling comfortable with their bodies. They feel the pressures from society and see constant reminders of ‘flaws’ without seeing their natural beauty.

These women live with the pain of wanting to express themselves, but the rejection from others or judgment keeps them from living their best life. Whatever the situation, being stopped from making yourself happy is not acceptable.

When you are living a life that isn’t what YOU want, your happiness and success suffer. If you feel exhausted after picking out your outfit in the morning because it seems like an overwhelming, anxiety-riddled choice, it doesn’t have to be that way. Living in this situation isn’t easy, and finding a way out may seem impossible… What if there was a way to gain confidence, find your style, and fit your own vision for yourself?

Every woman out there has a signature style. You just need to find yours. When you find your style, you become the woman that steps in front of a mirror and LOVES the reflection. With the right set of tools you can build your image to be the one that confidently lives their life.

“I can’t dress how I want because ____ will not like that.”

Why Choose Us ?

i-Image is the course that gives you the tools to improve your style through growing into the person you want to be. It isn’t just telling you to wear a certain outfit, we go deeper into teaching you tools on building your image to align with your goals.

Inside i-Image you will find 10 modules with up to eight videos per subject.

These modules give you tools and advice to find your image, and make it a reality.

  • Discover the significance of your image, and what it means for your daily life.
  • Color choices can say a lot about a person, find out what colors express you!
  • Every single person has their unique features. Don’t fight your body type, learn how to take advantage of it.
  • Rationalize your wardrobe; learn how to make sense of your clothes at home.
  • Figure out the true meaning of style. (Hint: it isn’t fashion runways.)
    Make a statement with small touches, master using accessories to complete your image.
  • Make-up doesn’t have to be complicated, learn simple methods to reduce your time spent on doing your make-up.
  • Manage your hair with the right style, we teach you how to express yourself with your hairstyle.
  • Style isn’t complete without the right outfits, but getting them in the first place can be difficult. Shopping doesn’t have to leave you with clothes you won’t wear, instead you can leave with the outfits you actually need!

Style doesn’t have to be a daily challenge, and you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home to get the guidance you need to transform your image.

When you learn the meanings behind certain clothes, their colors, and how to complement them to your own personal image, getting dressed in the morning becomes enjoyable.

You owe it to yourself to look at i-Image for a new approach to fashion. Other “solutions” like personal stylists or just winging it with what you find online don’t consider the one thing that matters most.

Making your outfits complement the image you have for yourself.

When you have the tools to build your image, you build confidence to express yourself and live your life fully!

Personalize your fashion and learn how to live confidently by defining your image.

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Customer Reviews

I was one of those people who had a very colorful wardrobe, fabric choicesof different contrasting textures and bold patterns. I thought I was expressing my personality this way. After completing the recommended series of courses, I’ve realised that these, ‘in your face’ color and pattern choices were actually a cover up for how I really felt about my body. I couldn’t believe that a few courses on style, made me work on myself in this profound way. Long story short, I feel so inspired abd ready to start a new chapter in my life.
I am an apple shape and have always struggled accepting that about myself. I genuinely thought that my shape could never look good in clothes and that beautiful fashion is reserved for the skinny and the rectangles or hourglasses of this world. One day, feeling an overwhelming desire to like what I see in the mirror, I’ve decided to listen to the professionals and my goodness, wow! I am so impressed with the result. Whether it’s these courses or other, personal one-on-one or group services, I urge you to try it. Give yourself this gift of feeling good about yourself, it is so important.
I got interested in this subject, as I am considering a career in Personal styling and I wanted to learn some basics and gain a better understandingof the relevant topics. I have to say, it’s been super enjoyable, much cheaper than the accredited courses and I feel like I have a solid grasp on styling. Concise and clear lessons made learning online convenient and easy

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Frequently Asked Questions

Currently we accept credit card payments, using Stripe, and PayPal.

Absolutely not. Our develograms are for all women, 18+. We believe this is essential knowledge to support women to feel beautiful and confident every single day. (We are working on a develogram for teenage girls too, coming soon.)

These develograms are for personal development and a solid introduction to the topics of personal styling and image creation. Even though there might be a certificate of completion available for some develograms, it is not a formal qualification.

We’ve put a considerable effort to keep the information concise and relevant, so that upon completion, every woman would have all the actionable tools at her disposable, for life! This also means, you will be able to cover the topics very quickly: in minutes, not weeks/months. Although we do recommend spacing them out to allow some time to digest and apply the information presented.

Not at all. We’ve kept all the lessons under 10 minutes, as we want for you to enjoy and absorb the material easily. There is no technical jargon and any new terms or concepts are clearly explained.


No worries, we’ve got you covered! We have a lot of supplementary materials to support your learning in the form of ‘Freebies’, as well as many bonuses that are like little nuggets of gold on key topics that you may want to explore further.

Nope. Upon purchase, if it’s not a pre-sell, you’ll get access to all the materials and you can complete the topics of your choice in any order you wish. The order we provide is how we would recommend to follow our develograms but it is completely up to you. In addition, you’ll have lifetime access to the develograms, so proceed at your own speed and only make the changes you are ready for and feel comfortable with. We are here to support your journey: your learning, your way!

Of course. We only want to see you succeed. That is why we’ve created a community online, right on our website, where you can connect with other amazing women on their style journeys. There are groups for each of the develograms, where you can post questions, share your experience and offer guidance to others.

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