Pink for a Girl?

Pink for a Girl?

Pink for a Girl?

Gender stereotyping has become one of the society’s most controversial topics, with the rise in gender neutral and transgender individuals raising questions about the validity of stereotypes which have been a part of human nature for so long.

From as early as the day we are born, women are typically associated with – and wrapped in – the color pink. Baby clothes are traditionally pink for a girl mixed with other soft tones, and baby girls are gifted dolls and teddies while boys wear blue and get pushed towards action heroes and dinosaurs.

The world is changing – and with it our attitude to color is also changing. With that said, what does the color pink signify today?

Pink in today’s society

Don’t get us wrong, pink is still very much seen as a feminine color – what has changed is the way we employ different shades and different tones to dictate different meaning. Pastel pink is the floral and girly iteration of the color, while hot pink is a bold and vibrant shade – one step down from red. Pink paired with yellow and white is very low key and summery, while pink paired with black can be anything from powerful to almost gothic in its nature.

On top of that, the rise in male figures also wearing pink is increasing – with pale pink shirts now a staple in the wardrobes of many corporate and powerful office workers.

In short, pink as a color has held onto its traditional indication while adding to its roster with new interpretations and variations – leading us to ask one key question. What is YOUR best way of wearing pink?

How to wear pink: A Guide

To make this as easy as possible, we opened the topic up to the team – asking how and why different women, each with their own life goals and styles, might choose to wear pink to support and help influence their success. Here’s what we came up with…

When in the office… Wearing pink is a sign that you are comfortable with your femininity, and when worn by a female boss can also indicate a warm side. A pink blouse paired with a smart tailored skirt suit is a great middle ground.

When on a date… Dependent on the season, a hot pink dress can be a great choice for a dinner or bar date – exuding confidence and charm, touching on the power of red but without going all the way. If you’re out and about on a more natural date, a pretty pink blouse with great fitting jeans is always a showstopper.

When out with the girls… Why not try reversing the standard pairing algorithm? A pink skirt or pair of pink trousers, with a black or white top, can be a fun and visually exciting way of using the color in an unexpected way.

When chilling at home… In the words of our team, “When chilling at home, wear what makes you feel happy, comfortable, and relaxed.”

When at the gym… A pink gym outfit exudes femininity and power and can help motivate you to push for the body you’re working hard to achieve. We also love pink patterning on a dark fabric which can help frame your figure in a flattering way.

When meeting someone new… This is where first impressions are key, and you don’t want the other person to slot you into the pretty and delicate category right away by wearing pastel pink across your entire outfit. Instead, pick a statement pink accessory that highlights your familiarity and comfort with the color but doesn’t focus in on it.

If in doubt, think PINK – and join our Style Yourself Community for more content like this.

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Pink for a Girl?
Pink for a Girl?