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Do you find that the colors you wear are intrinsically linked with the way you feel?


Are you intimidated by color and do you struggle to put different colors and shades together?


Does the changing of the seasons and the takeover of statement colors overwhelm you and your wardrobe?

Purple Feather Tree

As we dive deeper into the physical and psychological attributes of image and how to dress for success, color continues to pop up as one of the most important factors to consider.

And yet so many image consultant guides, social posts, and wardrobe explorations, ignore the deep importance of color altogether.


Because color goes much deeper than the shade of pink in your dress or the black of a blouse.

Think of it this way – every single color you have ever seen holds some sort of significance or association, both to you and to others around you.

Let’s say it again for the people in the back. EVERY color holds some form of link, whether it be to a feeling, an action, a statement, a place, an ideology, or a belief.

Suddenly, when you understand that, selecting the right shade of blue for a wedding, or the right kind of pink for a work blouse becomes a pretty overwhelming consideration.

Until now.

The Power of Color is our answer to all the questions that the fashion and style industries are ignoring.

As consumers, we have become so used to being told what color to wear according to season or weather, with little to no regard for our own internal feelings, emotions, or the natural coloring of our own features.

Whether you’re a big fan of wearing red, or prefer to blend together soft greens and beiges, the PDF and supporting audio format of this mini Develogram will encourage and guide you in really defining how colors make you feel inside, and how they make others around you feel.

The Power of Color seeks to get under the skin of some of the most prominent colors in the styling world and uncover how to use each one for the maximum effect.

Dive right into your very own rainbow with this completely FREE Develogram, and immerse yourself in the power of color once and for all.

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by Purple Feather Tree

Color has the power to transform not only how others see you but more importantly, it has the power to change how you feel!

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