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Exclusive Style Advent Calendar 2021

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What is the Purple Feather Tree advent calendar?

The purple feather tree advent calendar is a chance to learn something new about image, style, and self confidence every day of December. It has been curated using a combination of insight from our Develograms, information from our extra resources, and a few brand new tips and ideas direct from our Image Consultant professionals – giving you the gift of self confidence and successful style this Christmas.

And that’s not all. Everyday invites you to engage and interact with our community through a short challenge or question – and by answering all 24 questions in our community group, you will gain entry in a competition to win access to our latest content AND an exclusive cash prize on Christmas Day.

Priced at just $3 for the full advent calendar, this is a gift from us to you which costs LESS than your morning festive latte from Starbucks.

‘twas the month before Christmas and deep in your mind,

All your sequins and sparkles queued up in a line.

They were joined by high heels, sparkly jewels, and hairspray,

As your mind turned to parties and dancing the night away.

The food on the table and the marching festive band,

The chill mornings, the cosy evenings, the walks hand in hand.

The season of love, of family and friends,

Where the stores are packed full of this season’s festive trends.

But what if we told you we had a gift just for you,

To open your mind for not one week or two –

But for the whole of December – yes, a gift every day,

It’s a special way for us to open up and say…

Merry Christmas to Purpurians, the old and the new,

Join us for the next 24 days and wake up to something new.

What do you get?

Everyday you will receive a new tip, a new lesson, or some insight into an area of image, style, or confidence which will not only elevate your day but help you shape yourself towards a life of successful style. This information will be accessible in your account in the form of a pdf and a supporting video from Alexandra, The Founder of Purple Feather Tree.

We know from our Purpurians that tips and actionable ideas are the BEST way of learning for so many busy women out there, and this is our way of giving you a piece of that every single day for a whole month.

How does it work?

The calendar is simple. Login to your account every day and discover a new piece of content, followed by a short question or challenge for you to complete and answer in our community group. Doing so will earn you entry to the competition and will invite you to learn from and pick up tips from other likeminded women.

“EVERY woman (including you!) has a signature style.
Purple Feather Tree will help you find yours!”

What are the benefits?

The Purple Feather Tree Develograms and Events help you build an image to align with your goals. We help you be the person you really want to be.


Why should you trust us?

When personal styling is considered a business, clients and women (just like you) are considered assets; buying machines; a nice commission for stylists. We see it a little differently.

What WE do is give you direct access into the world of an image consultant, but with tips and actions rather than do’s and don’ts. We combine expertise and insight with a business model which supports women and allows them to build self confidence no matter their lifestyle, body shape, age, or appearance – with many of our lessons and Develogram courses built on styling yourself to success with small changes and adjustments rather than full makeovers.

This advent calendar is a culmination of everything we embody through our work with women – and it’s our gift to you this Christmas.

We want to support you on your journey: when you sign up, make sure to join the inclusive community!

Virtual Advent Calendar Style Event 2021

* Please note that our develograms are non-refundable. This is a special Christmas 2021 event. If you would like to read more about our terms, please click here. Thank you – we can’t wait to see more women craft their personal style!

Frequently Asked Questions

Currently we accept credit card payments, using Stripe and PayPal. Other options will be available soon.

Absolutely not. Our develograms are for all women, 18+. We believe this is essential knowledge to support women to feel beautiful and confident every single day. (We are working on a develogram for teenage girls too, coming soon.)

These develograms are for personal development and a solid introduction to the topics of personal styling and image creation. Even though there might be a certificate of completion available for some develograms, it is not a formal qualification.

We’ve put a considerable effort to keep the information concise and relevant, therefore each lesson is between 2 and 10 minutes, on average. Upon completion, every woman would have all the actionable tools at her disposable, for life! This also means, you will be able to cover the topics very quickly: in minutes, not weeks/months. Although we do recommend spacing them out to allow some time to digest and apply the information presented.

Not at all. We’ve kept all the lessons under 10 minutes, as we want for you to enjoy and absorb the material easily. There is no technical jargon and any new terms or concepts are clearly explained.

No worries, we’ve got you covered! We have a lot of supplementary materials to support your learning in the form of ‘Freebies’, as well as many bonuses that are like little nuggets of gold on key topics that you may want to explore further.

Nope. Upon purchase, if it’s not a pre-sell, you’ll get access to all the materials and you can complete the topics of your choice in any order you wish. The order we provide is how we would recommend to follow our develograms but it is completely up to you. In addition, you’ll have lifetime access to the develograms, so proceed at your own speed and only make the changes you are ready for and feel comfortable with. We are here to support your journey: your learning, your way!

Of course. We only want to see you succeed. That is why we’ve created a community online, right on our website, where you can connect with other amazing women on their style journeys. There are groups for each of the develograms, where you can post questions, share your experience and offer guidance to others.

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